HikaShop Business 3.2.1 

HikaShop Business
Версия: 3.2.1
Год выпуска: 2017
Разработчик: Hikari Software
Таблетка: не требуется
Требования: Joomla 2.5.x или 3.x
Описание: HikaShop - компонент для электронной коммерции на Joomla, построенное по принципу простоты и гибкости. Но, не смотря на свою простоту, HikaShop имеет широкий диапазон маркетинговых инструментов, таких как: партнерская программа, купоны, скидки, email маркетинг, а так же, мощную статистику, отображаемую на панели управления HikaShop. Также в Вашем распоряжении инструменты эффективного управления налогообложением, региональными зонами, языками и валютами, инструменты персонализации и настройки, позволяющие спроектировать магазин согласно Вашим требованиям и желаниям. В общем, все, то, что необходимо для эффективного управления Вашим бизнесом онлайн. Существует несколько редакций компонента: HikaShop Starter, является абсолютно бесплатным и доступен для свободного скачивания и распостранения. HikaShop Essential и HikaShop Business, являются коммерческими и обладают более широким функционалом, по сравнению с бесплатным аналогом.
В комплекте также идут несколько стилей для самого магазина (расцветка) и несколько бейджей (скидки, new и т.п.)
Раздача проверена на наличие вредоносного кода и ссылок

Изменения в версии 3.2.1 относительно 3.2.0

Bug fixes (35)
The client id wasn't passed properly in the checkout for Google Analytics resulting in the match missing even though we've added some code for that in the 3.2.0
The "display limited to" system didn't work properly after validating an address with an error in the data filled in.
The BPost shipping plugin wasn't working properly since HikaShop 3. We've made it compatible with the legacy checkout. The new checkout will require a complete rewrite of the plugin code.
The prices were not editable in the backend interface on mobile devices.
The dates saving in HikaShop could potentially add an hour when the current date and the date saved would be in a different winter/summer time if your timezone uses the winter/summer time hour change.
The next button would not always go to the next step on the first try in some rare cases with the legacy checkout and had to be cliked twice.
The tax rates listing was counting the shipping/payment/coupon taxes twice in the totals for each order in the total tax amount of each rate.
The 3D secure page didn't work properly with the new checkout for the few payment plugins using it.
The "Have / Don't have" filter of user mass actions didn't handle the new table that was introduced in HikaShop 3.0.0 for the new order statuses system and could lead to odd results in some cases.
The coupon value could be wrong in the order notification email in some cases.
The stock message was not displayed properly on the product page for products with variants when the stock was set on the main product and not in the variants.
The saving of shipping information in the backend order edition could lead to a fatal error on PHP 7.1
We've added a fix for the payment block on the new checkout to support the credit cart JS messages.
There was a fatal error on the mass action system in some cases.
We fixed an issue for the "Notify customers" option of the "order auto cancel" plugin which wasn't correctly taken into account.
Link correction for the "Install / Update HikaShop" documentation page.
The configuration of custom order statuses with spaces and/or special characters didn't work properly with the new order status management interface.
The add to wishlist button could potentially be displayed on the comparison page even though the wishlist system was deactivated.
We've fixed a minor warning on the affiliate program page when the plugin is disabled.
We fixed a compatiblity issue we had between the infinite scrolling and votes.
The filters could potentially mess the display of the products listing when displayed on top of the listing.
The filter module might not redirect to the correct URL in some cases (PHP 7 , Joomla 3.7)
The options were not transferred with products when moved from one cart to another.
The new order status was not translated on some payment notification emails to the admin based on which payment method was used.
The order status was not translated on the order listings of reports.
When the checkout was a guest without address, in some cases it would require two clicks on the "finish" button instead of only one with the new checkout system.
The options were lost when moving items between a cart and a wishlist on the frontend cart/wishlist maanagement interfaces.
We had an issue with radio buttons in the backend of HikaShop on Joomla 2.5
Fix for Joomla 2.5 where JInput do not support getRaw.
We've fixed some typo on the USPS configuration screen.
We fixed the "clean report" button in the configuration.
We fixed the "see cron report" button in the configuration.
We optimized the USPS shipping plugin to properly take into account the First class mail "parcel" weight limit.
We fixed the category image upload system which was broken with HikaShop 3.2.0 initial build.
We fixed issues with JRequest when JInput is not available (before Joomla 2.5).
The rounding of taxes could be wrong in some rare cases with products with a discount applied.
Improvements (12)
We've improved the tag system in email subjects so that it is more versatile.
We added the stock in the input radios of the variants on the "table" selection mode as a data- attribute so that you can easily style them with CSS.
You can now modify the quantity while adding products from a wishlist into the cart.
We've improved a bit the Geolocation plugin so that the country is preselected when possible on the registration form.
We added the support of variants for the TaxCloud plugin.
We now support custom item fields on the variants listing on the product.
We made some changes so that the votes column on listings is not displayed when the vote feature is turned off in the HikaShop configuration regardless of the vote display setting of the module/menu item.
The notification system of the new add to cart system has been made more resilient to jQuery conflicts.
We now take into account the setting for the display of the price before it was converted to the current currency for the display of the retail price on the product page.
We've dissotiated the search groups translations from the backend translations so that you can customize them without impacting the backend interface.
We now take into account the quantity available on the product for the maximum quantity a user can select/enter in the quantity field of a product.
We're improved the display of error messages for the PayPlug plugin.
We improved the creation of the order statuses to prevent bad namekeys and properly display back the order status data in the form when an error happens during the save.
New features (6)
You can now create an order from a cart in the backend cart manager with a one click button.
We've updated all the icons of the user control panel so that they are more homogeneous and that the styles pack can override them in a proper manner.
The user control panel is now fully responsive.
We've added new options to the import page so that you can choose whether you want to store the images and files locally or not when running an import.
We've added an add to cart button on the wishlist display.
You can now choose whether you want to sort by ascending or descending order or both for each sorting field of a sort filter when you configure it.
You can now configure the cart module as a dropdown with a hover effect instead of a click effect to display/hide the details.


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